Ancient Healthcare For Modern Wellbeing

Our Mission is to provide you with the alternative to medication and even sometimes, surgery.  Using Traditional Chinese Medicine methods can reverse and prevent disease. By treating the cause and not just the symptoms even the most difficult cases can be helped. I specialise in Acupuncture for Fertility Issues and IVF Support and my husband works with Musculoskeletal issues and Muscular Pain. We will often work as a team for some issues meaning you get the best of all worlds with Tuina Medical Massage, Gua Sha, Chinese Medical Cupping and Acupuncture available for us to use.

Together we will complete an in-depth medical history and diagnosis.  The method of diagnosis is unique and rooted in the ancient heart of TCM.  This way you can be certain that we will get to the root of the problem treating you more quickly and getting the best results for you. We aim to get you feeling better as quickly as possible.

Did you see me in the press? I was thrilled to have an article written for the Wigan Observer – you can read it here

Clinic Opening Times:

Monday 10am – 6pm

Tuesday  2pm – 6pm

Thursday 2pm – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 12 Noon

Out of hours appointments are available for emergencies please contact me to see availability

As a member of the Acupuncture Regulatory Authority I am working to the latest guidelines published by the HSE, NHS and PHE for health and safety and will continue to do so.