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Hey, welcome to my blog about acupuncture, cupping, sound therapies and traditional Chinese medicine here in Wigan.  Here you will find topics that are very close to my heart about acupuncture for fertility, fibromyalgia, Gong Baths, how to improve your wellbeing and information about how foods can help with all of these things! I hope you enjoy reading about the things that are going on in my head and in my practice.

The Fertility Fairy

  Have you seen the feature about fertility acupuncture in the local Wigan Observer? Check it out here! I’m thrilled that they wrote an article about how acupuncture can support fertility and IVF. This isn’t just a plug for my business – it’s about spreading the word on how acupuncture can benefit anyone trying to […]

So for around a year now I have been feeling the pressure of running a busy practice trying to be all things to everyone.  My passion for fertility has developed over the last four years and came out of nowhere really as I hadn’t anticipated focusing on just one aspect of acupuncture.  I have found […]

Rainbow of food

Food for fertility is really important when starting to consider having a family. When you come to see me for fertility support you will also get advice on food for fertility that can help you. Now, I hate discussing ‘diet’ because that imediatley makes you think weight loss, chinese medicine doesn’t view food in this […]

british acupuncture federation logo

Last week I had an article published on the British Acupuncture Federation website.  I am a member of BAF and so it was an honour to be asked to write an article for them.  Of course it had to be about fertility and I wanted to write it for other practitioners so they get an […]

The art of baby making

  One of my fertility acupuncture patients recommended this book to me.  She had read this and it turned her life around from working all the hours she could in a very stressful job she had a miscarriage and realised that there was more to life than working for money. Happily she is pregnant now […]

A few weeks ago this beautiful little bundle of joy arrived. I supported her mum through IVF treatment with a series of acupuncture sessions and we got the positive result we hoped for. I went to see her last week and was so happy to have a little cuddle. If you are having concerns surrounding […]

  Over the last six months I have been so honoured to be a part of many fertility journey’s. From July to now I have had ten positive pregancies including identical twins which was something of a surpirse to everyone. I currently have five more ladies in treatment and last week this began to weigh […]

gong bath meditation

Are you looking for a Gong Bath in Wigan? I run regular gong baths in various venues around the wigan area.  Check out my page for further information on Gong Baths in Wigan A gong bath is an immersive sound experience. It’s called a ‘bath’  because sound waves ‘wash’ over you as you relax and […]

Acupuncture for fertility baby

According to TCM That’s a big statment right there I know! But hear me out for a couple of minutes.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine if you have all of the parts for fertility still intact inside your body then there is no reason why you cannot concieve. The reason is that we believe if […]

Chakra acupuncture

Chakra Acupuncture What is chakra acupuncture?  Is it woo woo or hippy dippy stuff? It is acupuncture to balance and clear the chakras in the body by identifying blockages and imbalances, working on the organs, emotions, hormones and spirit I suppose to begin with you need to know what a chakra is, then we can […]


Anxiety and depression can be treated with acupuncture   What is anxiety? Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life. You might experience mild symptoms when facing a challenging or stressful situation. You might also have more severe, long-lasting symptoms that impact your daily life, including: feelings of panic, fear, or worry restlessness […]

strawberries and cream

TCM and Energetic Food Values What is TCM and energetic food values?  In Traditional Chinese Medicine we talk about diet not in the sense of ‘dieting’ to lose weight but from a holistic point of view with food being used as medicine to heal the body.  Now this is not in a way where we […]

yin yang

Over the last four years I have seen how traditional Chinese medicine can impact peoples’ lives with almost miraculous results.  I always say that acupuncture helps me to do magic every day but miracles can take a little longer.  By this I mean that if you have a chronic issue that you have lived with […]

electro acupuncture

Acupuncture uses very fine needles to stimulate points linked to meridians which are channels of energy that we all have in our bodies. Sometimes I will use electro acupuncture which is where a set of needles are linked to a small machine via electrodes.  A small electric current is then passed through the needles to […]


Surely Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday has no links to Traditional Chinese Medicine, right?  Wrong! This time of year with the emergence of spring is linked to the liver and gallbladder in TCM.  It is a time of awakening from winter where we have traditionally eaten warming foods, fatty foods and foods that […]

Oliver playing gongs

It’s been a while! but I have been really busy developing my skills not only with therapies but getting to grips with teaching my school classes live online. To be fair for the students that do actually bother to get online and join in the lessons its been good.  In fact I would go so […]

Captain Tom

It has taken me a while to decide to write this post during Covid-19 lockdown because I fear that if we give too much emphasis on something like this then it becomes very real in our lives.  I began by faithfully waiting each day for the bulletin from Boris to hear what developments were coming […]

Sound Healing Therapy Wigan

Sound Healing Therapy in Wigan I have recently become interested in the use of sound healing therapy here in Wigan.  I studied a tuning fork therapy course in which I was taught to balance the auras and chakras in the body. So how can these vibrations help to heal the body? Our body is made […]

Acupuncture for fertility baby