Sperm Testing At Home

picture of sperm entering an egg

For fast, reliable sperm testing with a reputable at home testing kit using a courier results in 48 hours with indepth analysis in an easy to read report

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This in depth analysis covers 22 biomarkers including aggregation, viscosity and morphology on top of the standard tests for volume, motility and concentration

Perfect solution for those struggles with infertility, miscarriage, or failed IVF cycles

Order your at-home advanced sperm testing kit today with me, no waiting times!
Free premium courier both ways, ensuring safe and efficient delivery
Get results within 48 hours of sending your sample back
Comprehensive analysis of 22 biomarkers, including sperm morphology
Receive two reports:
An easy-to-read report on the online portal and a detailed lab report for your GP or fertility clinic, delivered straight to your email for ultimate convenience

With NHS wait times for these tests at an all time high and some couples waiting up to 6 months
I recently worked with a couple whose GP had told them their sperm test results were fine but when I asked them to get the actual results we found out there was a serious issue with the sperm and they wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant at all even with ICSI, It had taken 6 months to get the report from the GP!

With this test we will get a detailed and clear analysis in an easy to understand report

The cost for this test is £189 if you go direct to the company but I can discount this cost as a practitioner to £160

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