Paula En Pointe Ancient Therapies

Hi, I am Paula Dean

My name is Paula Dean and for the last 18 years I have been a secondary school teacher and my subject is ICT and Computer Science.  So how did I get from that career path to one that is totally different?

Well, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2013.  For those of you that know this is a horiffic condition that causes chronic pain in various places in the body.  It also affects sleep and memory (brain fog).  After being put on a variety of medications, none of which helped, I was told the next step for me was to go onto morphine.  Well that was not going to happen!  That would have meant I couldn’t drive and so couldn’t work and that was not a path I wanted to go down.

I began to search for alternative therapies to help and I came across acupuncture.  I had had this before many years ago for a knee problem and it really helped me.  I decided to see if I could get onto an acupuncture course so that I could treat myself.  I fount Total Therapy Training and so the journey started!

I have now gone to part time teaching so that I can concentrate on my therapy business hoping very soon to retire from teaching altoghether to throw myself full time into En Pointe Ancient Therapies.

I have a very special interest in fertility treatment something which I get great pleasure from when the news of a pregnance comes in.  I am also exploring the world of sound therapy in the form of tuning fork therapy and also embarking on a gong bath course in November.  I am following what excites me and gets my brain stimulated!

I have two wonderful grandsons who are my absolute world, from two very successful sons. I am married to Peter who has supported me on every step of this journey and who puts up with my pain and tears when it all gets too much.