Babies Everywhere


Over the last six months I have been so honoured to be a part of many fertility journey’s. From July to now I have had ten positive pregancies including identical twins which was something of a surpirse to everyone. I currently have five more ladies in treatment and last week this began to weigh a little heavy on my shoulders.  While it is amazing to help people it does bare a huge responsibility for me to get the best outcome possible.  Of course I cannot 100% guarantee that what I do will work, in the same way that going through any fertility treatment does not guarantee an outcome.  But I do always expect to get a good outcome if patients follow my guidance and recommendations. I have had one lady since July that the treatments didn’t help naturally but she is now persuing help from IVF and hopefully I can assist with this nearer the time. I am always open and honest about the results we can expect and the outcome does involve both partners, the men have to do their bit for the process to work.  After all the men do have a small but very significant part to play.

It is no surprise that it is a very complex matter to have a baby, while some women fall pregnant straight away there are many factors at play if you struggle. Often it is down to an imbalance or blockage in the system from a TCM point of view. It is then my job to clear those blockages and re-balance your system. Re-balancing can happen very quickly and can be seen with symptoms changing or disapearing. Diet and lifestyle is always a factor with stress being one of the biggest. I will work to help reduce your stress and give you strategies to help with this.  From a diet point of view I will ask you to add in one or two things to support the meridian that is out of balance or I may ask you to take one or two things out of your diet.

Whatever happens we will work together to get you where you need to be and fingers crossed there will be a baby at the end of it!