There’s No Such Thing as Infertility?

Acupuncture for fertility baby

According to TCM

That’s a big statment right there I know! But hear me out for a couple of minutes.  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine if you have all of the parts for fertility still intact inside your body then there is no reason why you cannot concieve.

The reason is that we believe if you are not getting pregnant then it is down to your body being out of balance. When you come to an acupuncturist because you need support with fertility issues we will do an in depth TCM diagnosis which will allow us to see what is going on with your internal systems.  More often than not the reason is that either the woman is running too cold or the man is running too hot. In TCM both of these syndromes will cause blockages or stagnation which in turn prevents you from getting pregnant.

Your practitioner will work with you on many levels including lifestyle, diet, exercise and identify where the imbalances lie.  They will give you advice on these areas to help you to create balance.  You will get an individual plan of action to help you to get the result you want.  You will both be asked to attend appointments in the beginning to prepare you for your journey, you may also be asked to attend individually depending on the issue.  If the issue is with the woman you will need ideally to have two appointments per week for a number of weeks.

Acupuncture can help at all stages of planning a family, whether you are getting ready before you start trying, or you have been trying for a while, acupuncture will boost your chances of a natural conception.  It can also support during the IVF process or can be used around the time of embryo implantation.  In the last few weeks I have worked with two mums to support them at implantation who have had previous failed attempts and they have both now had positive pregnancy results.

If you are planning a family right now or are going down the IVF route contact me for information on how I can support you through this to boost your chances of having the family you want.