Proof that Acupuncture for Fertility does work!

Are you struggling with fertility?  Did you know that acupuncture can help with this? Are you embarking on the IVF route?  Fertility issues can affect both men and women and lots of factors can come into play but acupuncture for fertility here at En Pointe Ancient Therapies in Wigan can help both men and women.

Here at En Pointe Acupuncture in the North West of England I have had my first acupuncture assisted baby that was born in July 2019.  Her mum and dad had been trying for three years and had two failed IVF attempts.  They had one more attempt and they were desperate to do everything possible to make sure that this time was successful.  This is where I came in to help.

The first appointment involved an in-depth consultation and diagnosis to find out where the issues were.  We then embarked on the treatment which involved two sessions a week for 6 weeks, each session incorporated old family acupuncture points which were specific for infertility and these alternated with traditional Chinese medicine points that treated deficiencies in the organ meridians. Moxa was added in to some sessions which is a herb that is burnt to encourage heat into the system.  Electro acupuncture was also used to encourage blood flow to different areas. We also discussed diet from a TCM point of view, the idea was to warm her up and to cool her husband down. She made two changes to their diet which was easy to do.

The end of the six weeks coincided with having the egg implanted. Within two weeks the news came that it had been successful, and she was now pregnant! What an amazing phone call that was – I actually shed a little tear as this was a miracle for the two of them and the start of their little family. The pregnancy went from strength to strength and in July Millie Grace was born weighing at 8lb!

And today (29/8/19) I found out one of my other clients is now pregnant! Such a glorious day to celebrate this amazing news!

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