Are you looking for a Gong Bath in Wigan? I run regular gong baths in various venues around the wigan area.  Check out my page for further information on Gong Baths in Wigan

A gong bath is an immersive sound experience. It’s called a ‘bath’  because sound waves ‘wash’ over you as you relax and enjoy the journey of sounds and vibrations. The harmonics generated by the gongs will effortlessly lull your mind into a meditative state, while the vibrations revitalize your body and help to release tension. By the end, you’ll feel supremely relaxed, calm and happy.

It is a form of meditation because the brain is ‘switched off’ by the sounds and you are nudged into a complete relaxation state as you are when you meditate. the brainwaves change into an alpha-dominant or theta-dominant brainwave state where your brain can ‘download’ or process what has been going on in your life.  Often this allows you to process emotions and thoughts and to deal with them leaving you in a calm and happy state.  People often have a great sleep following a gong bath.

People experience things differently each time they come to a gong bath because it works on the current state of your mind and body.  Sometimes you drift easily off into a settled sleep-like state but are still aware of the surroundings in the background, sometimes you are forced to address things in the mind and to process them and eventually clear them, other times you will feel blockages within the body and by the end these have disappeared.  Whatever you feel during the gong bath you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again.

Many different people run gong baths these days and we all have our own way of doing them because we each connect with the gongs differently. If you visit my page here you will find the gong baths that I am running and you can book onto them by clicking the links to find out more.

When you have been to one you will no doubt get hooked and they will become part of your wellbeing on a regular basis.  I hope to see you there!