Gongs and Things

Oliver playing gongs

It’s been a while! but I have been really busy developing my skills not only with therapies but getting to grips with teaching my school classes live online. To be fair for the students that do actually bother to get online and join in the lessons its been good.  In fact I would go so far as to say my older students are working harder than if they were in class because there are no distractions from other students!

Over the summer I bought a big 38″ Paiste symphonic gong.  Oh my word I am in love with the sound and vibrations it generates.  You have to experience it to understand how the sound envelopes you and goes right through the body.  At that point I thought great that’s it now I have three lovely gongs, a chakra set of crystal bowls which I love, and other various sound instruments. HA! Of course that wasn’t it, I have also now got a 32″ Paiste planet Nibiru gong and although it isn’t as big as my other one it is still just as powerful.

For Christmas my husband ought me a rain column that runs for 7 minutes.  it is so beautiful and relaxing.  And so my journey continues into exploring the effects of sound.  I had started to run sound baths for groups of people but then we were locked down again in November and at the time of writing this we are in a proper lockdown.  I do still run live sound baths on my facebook page occasionally which are good but you don’t get the full experience of the vibrations the same as when you are in the room with the gongs.

My youngest grandson has also got in on the act and loves playing the instruments when he visits. He is a budding hippy I think!