Fertility Acupuncture in the Press

The Fertility Fairy

  Have you seen the feature about fertility acupuncture in the local Wigan Observer? Check it out here! I’m thrilled that they wrote an article about how acupuncture can support fertility and IVF. This isn’t just a plug for my business – it’s about spreading the word on how acupuncture can benefit anyone trying to conceive.

Fertility clinics recommend acupuncture when starting IVF, but it’s not just for that. I urge anyone trying to conceive to consider acupuncture to ensure their system is balanced and their menstrual cycles are in optimal condition.

Did you know that experiencing pain during your cycles or having spotting and very heavy bleeding isn’t normal? Your menstrual cycle should be 28 days, with ovulation occurring at 14 days. Don’t accept pain or irregularities as normal – acupuncture can help achieve balance and optimal reproductive health.

I take up to 10 patients at any one time to make sure that they have my full and undivided attention including support day or night via email, text, or phone, which is really important when anxiety is at its peak during this journey. I aim to support you every step of the way to reduce the anxiety and stress that TTC can cause. Contact me if you wish to begin your fertility journey with me.