So for around a year now I have been feeling the pressure of running a busy practice trying to be all things to everyone.  My passion for fertility has developed over the last four years and came out of nowhere really as I hadn’t anticipated focusing on just one aspect of acupuncture.  I have found that 95% of my patients are now fertility and this takes up so much of my time not just treating them but also supporting them outside of my practice.  I have felt that something had to change.  This week I have decided to change my focus entirely to fertility.


This doesn’t mean I won’t treat existing patients or previous patients but it is a shift.  My husband will still treat musculoskeletal and muscle pain and might sometimes call on me to use my skillset to help but these things won’t be my priority.


I have to follow my heart and look after my well-being because if I am not in a good place I can’t treat you to my best ability. I hope that you will understand and if you need treatment I can refer you to two of my colleagues who are excellent TCM Practitioners.


I am looking forward to the future with all of its challenges with fertility and to helping to grow more babies!