Fertility Acupuncture – The Art of Baby Making

The art of baby making


One of my fertility acupuncture patients recommended this book to me.  She had read this and it turned her life around from working all the hours she could in a very stressful job she had a miscarriage and realised that there was more to life than working for money. Happily she is pregnant now and is 21 weeks as of the date of writing this blog post.  This book is written for anyone on the fertility journey not just TCM practitioners.

She came across this book and the messages in it along with the case studies of fertility acupuncture that were shared really made her think about her life and re-evaluate what was important.  So often I see ladies struggling with fertility who are working all hours in stressful jobs, and this has a massive detrimental effect on their fertility.

I think that the last two years with Covid has made lots of people look at their lives both working and family life and re-think what is important to them.

If you are struggling with fertility issues then I would recommend you buy this book, oh and also go and find an acupuncturist that specialises in fertility acupuncture.

The main things I learned from this book:

  • Even though you are going through the fertility process try not to let it be your sole focus in life.
  • Stop trying so hard – get back to enjoying life and sex (not just at ovulation time).
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat good food but most of all a good breakfast including fats, carbohydrates and protein.
  • Rest! At least an hour a day of complete rest from everything- that could be reading, going for a walk, or sitting doing nothing. Whatever makes your mind and body rest.
  • Find something that makes you happy – truly happy that makes your heart sing and do it.
  • Most of all include your partner in these conversations and activities.
  • Contrary to popular belief “fertility- it’s not just all about you ladies!”

You can find the book here on amazon.co.uk

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